Fintech for the aged.

A Roundup of Theodora Lau's talk at Digital Banking Week  It seems that Millennials and Gen Z are always the target market for new fintech products and services. They are the digital natives who expect more and want an experience, but what about the over 50’s? Why do they get left out of the … Read more about Fintech for the aged.

Meet The Founder.

Managing Director and Co-founder of Navag8 Behind every idea is a founder, or in this case, two. Managing Director and co-founder of Navag8, Marshall Stephen, founded a successful start-up before that was a term. He has been working in finance, technology and business for more than 30 years and … Read more about Meet The Founder.

What is FinTech?

What is Financial Technology? The world of technology is changing and evolving with every passing year, impacting every area of society. One of the biggest industries affected in the past ten years is the financial sector, with the introduction of financial technology. ‘Fintech’ is one of the … Read more about What is FinTech?

Navag8 – a user perspective

What I learned from savings automation and account aggregation. Savings automation is not a new thing, it’s in the top five tips from every financial planner but it’s really only recently that digital tools have made it personal. And I’m not talking the goal option that pops up in online banking. … Read more about Navag8 – a user perspective